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Mets Morning News: Manfred says things

Your Friday morning dose of Mets and Major League Baseball news, notes, and links.

MLB Owners Meetings Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Meet the Mets

Francisco Lindor spoke briefly about what he and the MLBPA are thinking about negotiations with the league.

Around Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred spoke publicly about the lockout, saying a variety of things about it, one of which was that the league and the players had agreed on at least one thing thus far: the universal designated hitter. He also said that he believes neither spring training nor the regular season will be delayed and that owning a baseball team was a riskier financial proposition than than stock market.

Emma Baccellirei provided good perspective on Manfred’s remarks over at SI.

The league is planning to make an offer to the players tomorrow, a rarity over the course of the ownership-imposed lockout that will come almost two weeks after the players gave the league their most recent proposal.

This Date in Mets History

On this date in 1987, Ray Knight signed with the Orioles just a few months after having been the World Series MVP for the 1986 Mets.