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Mets Morning News: Lockout Lingers

Your Sunday morning dose of Mets and Major League Baseball news, notes, and links.

Mets hitting coach Eric Chavez... Photo by Tim Healey/Newsday RM via Getty Images

Meet the Mets

If and when the lockout ends, the Mets might still sign Michael Conforto or Kris Bryant, according to a report by Pat Ragazzo.

Mets pitcher Max Scherzer is one of the players who has made his way to Florida to prepare for the 2022 season on independent terms while players remain locked out.

Eric Chavez, the Mets’ new hitting coach, said of the Mets’ hitters: “We want them going up to the plate with as little information as possible. We want their athletic ability to take over.” And he thinks the DH would benefit the team.

Mets pitching prospect Matt Allan spoke to the press about his recovery from Tommy John surgery.

Around Major League Baseball

There haven’t been any updates on the lockout since Major League Baseball officially postponed a batch of spring training games yesterday. The Chicago Sun Times took a look at how the players and the league are trying to communicate with fans about the ongoing lockout.

This Date in Mets History

The Mets signed Don Aase on this date in 1989.