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Szapucki dug a hole the Mets couldn’t escape

The Mets lost their second series of the season in San Francisco.

MLB: New York Mets at San Francisco Giants Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

After a back and forth, tooth and nail loss to the Giants last night, the Mets started their final day in San Francisco with Thomas Szapucki on the mound. This would be Szapucki’s first start in the majors, after throwing a few innings of unremarkable ball in a blowout last season. Once upon a time, Szapucki was a big time Mets prospect, but injury has lowered the flame on him considerably.

It brings me no joy to report that the flame is now completely off, as Szapucki had an absolutely terrible start. He gave up nine runs on three walks, three doubles, and four home runs, lasting just an inning and a third. No one likes to see a player have a performance like this, but this sends a clear message to the Mets’ front office that pitching help is desperately needed.

Thankfully, Trevor Williams, the starter this past Saturday in Colorado, relieved Szapucki and put in some quality innings. Williams, Colin Holderman, Chasen Shreve, and Seth Lugo all pitched scoreless innings, giving up just one hit and two walks, while striking out eight.

There was a scary moment in the bottom of the third inning, where Jeff McNeil chased a ball down the left-field line, sliding and making a great catch, but slamming his leg, wrist, and head into the wall in the process. McNeil finished the inning, but came out of the game when his turn came up at plate in the top of the fourth. Down eight runs, it seemed like a foolish decision for McNeil to put his body on the line like that. Let’s hope that McNeil was pulled simply out of caution, and the team won’t be without his bat for long.

Jakob Janis started for the Giants and went six innings, giving up just two runs on three hits and a walk. The bullpen trio of José Alvarez, Zack Littell, and Mauricio Llovera gave up just one additional run over three innings of work.

While the club eked out a run in the third, the two best offensive plays of the game happened later. Francisco Lindor hit a solo home run in the top of the sixth, and then Brandon Nimmo hit a triple and eventually scored, in the eighth.

With the loss, the Mets broke their ‘win a game after a loss’ streak at 14, as well as lost just their second series of the season. The Mets have tomorrow off, before returning home for series with the Phillies and Nationals before heading back to the West Coast next weekend.

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Mets vs Giants 5/25/22 WPA Chart

What’s WPA?

Big winner: None

Big loser: Thomas Szapucki, -41.9% WPA

Total pitcher WPA: -41.2% WPA

Total batter WPA: +8.8% WPA

Teh aw3s0mest play: Francisco Lindor’s fourth inning double, +.08% WPA

Teh sux0rest play: Evan Longoria’s first inning home run, -22.2% WPA