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Tonight’s Mets game against Phillies postponed due to rain

The game will be made up in August as part of a split admission doubleheader

San Diego Padres v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

The Phillies have postponed their game tonight against the Mets due to heavy rain. The game was originally scheduled for a 7:05 start, with Max Scherzer scheduled to pitch to James McCann for the first time this season.

There isn’t much opportunity to play a Saturday doubleheader with more rain in the forecast tomorrow, so the Phillies have scheduled a split-admission doubleheader on August 20th to make up for the postponement. Anyone who holds a ticket for tonight’s game will be able to attend the later game, while a separate ticket will be needed to attend the game scheduled for 1:05 PM.

From there the scheduling might get hairy since the Mets visit the Phillies only once more this season, and there’s a chance tomorrow’s game also gets postponed. In order to hit the minimum word count, we’ll end this post by reminding you that the Mets came back from a 7-1 deficit in the ninth to beat the Phillies 8-7 last night.