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This Week in Mets Quotes: Pete Alonso says Edwin Díaz has big boy stuff, Chris Bassit on working with his catchers

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

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Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Your 2022 New York Mets: Let’s not muck it up.

“Let’s not muck it up.” -Steve Cohen [New York Post]

As has been the case his entire career, the only thing holding Nimmo back is health.

“Each day the hand has been feeling a little bit better, so it’s nice to be getting farther away from the injury. When you are not healthy and able to do everything at 100 percent or even 95, this is a hard game. … I felt I had a bigger job as well being the center fielder and that’s a big job. I need to be there, I need to help carry that load. I felt like at least I could field that position while I tried to get the hand back.” -Brandon Nimmo [New York Post]

The only thing holding the 2022 Mets back is health.

“It’s a different looking lineup with Pete back in there. It’s just a testament, I think sometimes we lose sight of the courage it takes to get back out there. I think everybody is getting a little healthier.” -Buck Showalter [New York Post]

Perfect sign of our time: The Mets are using unconsented, biometric tracking to ‘enhance the fan experience,’ and the analyst of that data thinks that people go to Shake Shack for the milkshakes.

“We can recommend to them. ‘Hey you really [want] a milkshake from Shake Shack, and in the seventh inning 80 percent of the time the line is 20 minutes long. It’s the fourth inning and right now the line is three minutes.’” -Some Suit [New York Post]

Pete Alonso speaking about Edwin Díaz as only Pete Alonso can.

“He had his big-boy stuff today. It sucks for the other hitters.” -Pete Alonso [MLB]

Wasn’t a fan of the trade but it’s been really easy rooting for Edwin Díaz.

“I feel great. I’ve been able to do my job in every situation they ask me. Every year, I improve, so this year, I think I’m doing whatever I’ve got to do to help this team.” -Edwin Díaz [MLB]

Not like those 2021 Mets who did not care about competing.

“It reaffirms what I’ve thought since the spring that we’ve got a chance to have a really good group of people that care about competing.” -Buck Showalter [MLB]

Enjoy it, this is the most ‘arrogant’ Brandon Nimmo quote he’s ever given.

“I am playing well out there. I think the biggest thing for me is stay healthy and be out there. And the sky’s the limit — maybe [a Gold Glove] could happen.” -Brandon Nimmo [New York Post]

Chris Bassitt continues to give the most thoughtful, honest, and insightful quotes from a Met in the 13 years I’ve been doing this dummy series.

“Relieved more than anything. I think with the extra time we had I was able to completely break down what was going on. Pitching itself, I didn’t make any adjustments. This was all on me. I thought me and Nido weren’t on the same page at all. The more I fought it, the worse I did. So we spent the last week getting to know each other.” -Chris Bassit [New York Post]

“In the spring it was basically me and [starting catcher James] McCann and when he went down [with a hand injury], I just thought in a couple of games, we’ll be on the same page [with the other catchers], but it just never happened. I totally blame myself, and I honestly apologized to Nido and [catcher Patrick] Mazeika. I feel like that should’ve been an obvious thing to do, but I really regret not doing it a couple of weeks ago. I made a key judgment error that lasted a couple of weeks.” -Chris Bassit [New York Post]

Love Dom Smith? Love Dom Smith.

“He’s been easy. Honestly, it’s been simple with him. He came in ready to go from day one. Normally, there’s times if there’s a player that’s disgruntled, we understand that. But that hasn’t been the case with him. He’s come in with a positive attitude, and he’s been ready to work since he got here. He’s been as easy as they come as far as fitting in with the clubhouse and getting to work. He’s been terrific in every way.” -Syracuse skipper Kevin Boles [New York Post]

Minor league players should paid a living wage.

“Since Steve Cohen took ownership of the Mets in 2020, he has been so responsive to the fans and cared for the team in a way that matches our devotion to the team. I’m looking forward to sitting down with Uncle Steve and the minor leaguers so we can work out a way to finish the job, and extend that same sense of care to all the players.” -New York State Senator Jessica Ramos [The Athletic]

Couldn’t be happier for Aaron Loup. Get that bread.

“It took a little bit to get them on the phone, I had to stall [the Angels] for as long as I could. Eventually everything I asked for they kept giving to us so I couldn’t wait around any longer.” -Aaron Loup [New York Post]

“I had a career year. I’m not going to throw a better season than what I had last year so in a way you would love to run it back, but at the same time [the Angels] wanted me about as badly as I have been wanted over the course of my career, so I can’t complain there either.” -Aaron Loup [New York Post]