An Evening (and an Afternoon) watching the B-Mets

So I braved the DC Beltway to make the 55 mile trek to Bowie BaySox Stadium to see our ABM Amigos of Alvarez-Baty-Mauricio. Sadly it was Alvarez day off but I was still treated to some fireworks. Lots of video of the Big Three at the end of his post. Some notes:

  • Baty struck out each of his first two PA's on pitches down and away before rocking his game-tying 3R HR to dead-center in the 8th.
  • Mauricio might be on some sort of "never swing at the 1st pitch" edict. He took the first two pitches in his first and third PA's. I didn't see any wild-swings but not sure there were any pitches that were way out of the zone. His HR to the alley was an absolute bomb. He also roped a "right-at-'em" sizzler right at the CFer. I left to beat traffic so I did not see his second base hit nor Baby's final out.
  • Senger moves well on the base-paths. He attempted a steal on a foul ball and successfully stole two pitches later. I'm not going to say he got great jumps but his break and stride looked more player than catcher. There was no throw - the ball ran up the Bowie catchers arm. His single into the hole had terrific EV.
  • Baty was DH and Mauricio only had one GB chance that he handled cleanly. I may catch crap for this is - IT'S NOT A TALENT COMP - JUST A "LOOK" COMP - but his loose-limbed, languid/lanky-ness at the plate reminded me of Straw. He might be completely maddening but boy it's hard to take your eyes off of him.
  • I saw my first pitch-clock violation. No muss-no fuss. Ump hollered "violation" showed the new count with his fingers and the next pitch was tossed before you knew it.
  • Rodriguez plays with a smile on his face, has Lindor-ish hair and in general is one of those guys that make you remember how joyous minor league ball is ... and how this will be the only time you ever see most of these guys play.
  • Yeizo Campos was effective. Not sure how but he was. He was miffed by Rodriguez error but got through the inning just fine.
  • The one Alvarez sighting was kind of funny. Senger was doubled off first in the top of the 4th so Alvarez comes sprinting in from the bullpen with a grin on his face to warm up the game-pitcher as Senger gets his gear back on.
  • Winnaker hit a monster high fly that was foul by 30 feet but was clocked. He fouled off about 5-6 pitches that AB before swinging through a high fastball for strike 3.

Saturday game Notes:

  • Hitting ahead of Alvarez, McCann (2 hard singles/walk) turned and gave FA a hand-gesture showing how the pitcher's ball was moving after McCann took ball four.
  • After hustling from the on-deck circle, McCann tried to let Manny Rodriguez know he could stand up as MR was scoring from second but Carlos Cortes had scored from 3rd and told MR to slide so he dove in head first when there was no throw. Rodriguez was laughing and joking w/Cortes/McCann Might have been "I should've listened to the big leaguer."
  • Baty's single was a bunt. Not sure how I feel about that. He's been doing a better job showing game power this month, would love to see if he can continue that momentum after having gone deep Friday night.
  • Mauricio showed power, speed and took a walk w/only 1 k over the two gams that I saw. A couple of swings at balls out of the zone but typically fairly long at-bats 6 - 1 - 6 - 5- 4.
  • Baty played left-field. Made a nice play on a sinking liner and hit the cutoff man on another base hit into the corner.

Below is some video.

Mauricio Saturday HR posted to You Tube.

Baty Saturday HR posted to You Tube.

Alvarez Five Sunday PAs:

Mauricio Five Sunday PAs

Baty Five Sunday PAs

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