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A Pod of Their Own, Episode 130: A future with more Mark Canhas

This week, we discuss the welcome impending return of some injured Mets, Pride Night at Citi Field, and Mark Canha and Taijuan Walker setting an example for what allyship looks like.

Welcome back to A Pod of Their Own, a show by the women of Amazin’ Avenue where we talk all things Mets, social justice issues in baseball, and normalize female voices in the sports podcasting space.

This week, we begin by discussing the updates on various injured Mets and the impending return of Max Scherzer to the rotation. We also talk about the 13-pitcher roster rule coming into effect and Tommy Hunter’s return to the major leagues as the feel-good Mets story this week.

Next, we talk about Pride Night at Citi Field, which Grace Carbone recently wrote about in a fantastic piece that we recommend you read. In particular, we discuss the allyship Mark Canha and Taijuan Walker showed with their full embrace of Pride and how refreshing that was to see. We also point to Megan Rapinoe as another example of what LGBTQ+ allyship looks like in sports.

We also discuss the new “no politics” policy being implemented at The Athletic.

Finally, we wrap things up with Walk-off Wins, where each of us talks about what’s making us happy this week, baseball-related or otherwise.

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