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A Pod of Their Own, Episode 128: Big Man Opinions

This week, we continue to be cheerful about the 2022 Mets, but we are not as cheerful about the fact that baseball is still not a welcoming environment for the LGBTQ+ community.

Welcome back to A Pod of Their Own, a show by the women of Amazin’ Avenue where we talk all things Mets, social justice issues in baseball, and normalize female voices in the sports podcasting space.

Note: We apologize for the audio quality on one of our hosts’ lines tonight; we will do more in the future to ensure a better sound for the podcast.

This week, we begin by continuing to celebrate the 2022 Mets, who seem to create new season highlights every day. This week, it was the first Met to hit for a cycle in ten years in Eduardo Escobar. Stuff that would have been a weeks-long LOLMets story in the past, such as Lindor slamming his finger in a door or Max Scherzer getting bitten by his dog, are rolling right off the backs of this team.

Next, we talk about some members of the Tampa Bay Rays opting not to wear the rainbow-colored logos on their uniforms for the team’s Pride celebration and giving a very crappy justification for it.

We also get very excited for the upcoming A League of Their Own miniseries premiering on Amazon Prime in August.

Finally, we wrap things up with Walk-off Wins, where each of us talks about what’s making us happy this week, baseball-related or otherwise.

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