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Open thread: 2022 MLB Home Run Derby

Pete Alonso attempts to win his third derby in a row.

2021 T-Mobile Home Run Derby

Tonight in Los Angeles, Pete Alonso attempts to win the Home Run Derby for the third year in a row, a feat that has not previously been achieved. Alonso has been a perfect fit for the event in each of the past two years it took place, as he won both of them and seemed to enjoy doing so about as much as any player could. Alonso is tied for fifth in Major League Baseball with 24 home runs so far this season, a spot he shares with Mike Trout. Among derby participants, only Kyle Schwarber has more home runs than Alonso during the regular season.


As has been the case in recent derbies, the format is a bracket, which is set out like this:

  • Kyle Schwarber (1) vs. Albert Pujols (8)
  • Juan Soto (4) vs. José Ramirez (5)
  • Corey Seager (3) vs. Julio Rodrīguez (6)
  • Pete Alonso (2) vs. Ronald Acuña Jr. (7)


Time: 8:00 PM EDT