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This Week in Mets Quotes: Your 2022 New York Mets All Stars

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

MLB: All Star-Red Carpet Show Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Your 2022 New York Mets: We all want Jake back.

“We all want Jake back. We all want him healthy. That is the most important thing. We want him to be productive and we want him to be Jake — the Jake that we love and know.” -David Peterson [New York Post]

Your 2022 New York Met All-Stars.

“It means a lot. It’s something that I really take pride in. I’m really happy that I was able to play my way into the game. Hard work pays off and I’m really happy I get to represent my team and the city of New York in LA.” -Pete Alonso [New York Post]

“Last year was a tough year for me, so just being able to go out and work hard in the offseason and to kind of have a bounce-back season and to be recognized for that is pretty special to me. It gives me a lot of confidence. It shows that I can be one of the best players in the big leagues and take that going forward and prepare every single day and doing well. It does give me a lot of confidence that I can play with the best. This is gonna be a pretty special week and a half. We’re having our first child in the next few days, and the baby’s first game might be the All-Star Game at the stadium I always went to growing up.” -Jeff McNeil [New York Post]

“It was an emotional moment, something me and my family had been speaking of for a couple of days. I immediately changed my plans for the break.” -Starling Marte [New York Post]

“It means a lot because my Mets career didn’t start the way I wanted. But I’ve been able to get back on track and this year I made the All-Star team. I’m really happy. I think with this team, when I get into the game and get the big outs I prove to them that’s the guy the Mets traded for. I hope to face the three best hitters in the American League. Maybe I can face [Aaron] Judge. Who else made it? [Yordan]Alvarez, [Shohei] Ohtani? That would be awesome.” -Edwin Diaz [New York Post]

Juan Soto is great.

“That is the front office’s job, but all I can tell you is he is great. He’s a great person, a great teammate. I really enjoyed playing with him and I can only say good things about him.” -Max Scherzer [New York Post]

Really rooting for a better second half that Taijuan deserves.

“Very happy. I feel like I’m going out there and giving the team a chance to win every single time out, and that’s my job.” -Taijuan Walker [MLB]

A typical Mets offseason would have relied on Davis as 3rd, Smith in LF, McNeil in RF, Cano at 2nd, and prayers that the SP stays healthy.

“A lot of the things that Billy [Eppler] and the GM and ownership did in the offseason has really paid dividends for us and guys that have stepped up in this time of need.” -Buck Showalter [MLB]

Now a Mets minor league scout, Gary Brown reflect on not being traded for Carlos Beltran over Zack Wheeler.

“For the Mets’ sake. They made the right decision.” -Gary Brown [MLB]

Pay them a living wage.

“It’s very different on this side. As a player, to this day, being picked in the first round was probably the most exciting moment of my career. I hope Jett [Williams] has a lot more exciting moments than that. It’s crazy, you don’t understand how much truly goes into it as a player. Then you get on this side, and the hours and hours and miles and everything that’s put into it, and the guys that are fighting for you — it’s an exciting process. And I don’t think you fully appreciate it until you go through a whole Draft cycle with a player.” -Gary Brown [MLB]

Lovely interview with Übermensch Richard Lewis.

“I was born in ’47 and Gil was already on the Brooklyn Dodgers. I guess by the time I was three I understood what baseball was. I was a fanatic. And Gil reminded me of my father, who died very young as well. My father could have been a ballplayer, but he had other things he had to do like provide for his family. But at any rate, he was a big strapping man, my father. A big, strong guy with huge hands. Actually, I think, Philadelphia wired him to go to Triple-A or Double-A, but he couldn’t do it.”

“My father was not on the road like Gil would be as a Brooklyn Dodger, but he was a caterer and he was always out. It was 24/7 practically with parties. So I had that connection with my father and with Gil.” -Richard Lewis []

Mets Tweets of the Week

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

“mets firing on all cylinders. should win the division going away if degrom comes back to form and stays healthy rest of year. and be the co favorite to win nl pennant along with the dodgers. and of course the Astros. but baker is managing the Astros. I don’t like him and will discount them from winning the WS as long as he is the manager. add the yankees to mix and you have the 3 top contenders for WS. I don’t like Roberts the manager of dodgers. so I will discount them. Boone, I think is one of the top 3 managers in baseball. but this is a team that again has multiple injuries. they are an aging team. the oldest of the top three. they perpetually tank in the postseason because of that. be it from the propensity to get injured for older players of the fact that they wear down later in the season. I do not think the yankees are going to win the WS. I have been a staunch detractor of cashman. he has never won a WS. people don’t understand that. yes his team won in 09 when he was the GM but he was not in charge of that team until 05 when george became disabled. and he did not acquire the key players in that WS. he also did not want to sign Rodriguez. who was the MVP, without whom the yankees don’t get past the first round. Rodriguez opted out. cash man refused to negotiate and he went running to Hal, fired his agent, and Hal took him back and signed him himself. therefore I discount the yankees from ever winning a WS with a team that was constructed by cash man. which this team is. that brings to the mets. showalter has choked in the playoffs. he blew multiple opportunities with poor decision making ability. does he learn from his past mistakes? from his layoff from baseball. I think he has managed better this year than he did in Baltimore so far. but the playoffs are a different animal. that is the great unknown. but if I have to base a decision on the top 3 favorites I’m going with the mets, dodgers, and then the yankees. despite Boone. but as often happens the top favorites don’t always win the WS. other teams that have a good chance= Tampa bay. Boston. they just got sale back. minnesota. the white sox. yes the white sox. the Seattle mariners are for real in my opinion. the orioles??? please. in the NL the padres. Milwaukee I will put ahead of the braves. these are all outlier teams that represent the field if you put them in a composite. does the field have a better chance to win the WS than any of the big three? good question. I am going to say they have at least just as good a chance. but if I was going to call a single favorite right now. I would say the mets. is showalter’s chance to show he can get the job done in the postseason. that he is no longer a choker. I don’t see the braves repeating. they are not a good enough team to accomplish something that hasnt been done since 2000. the mighty yankees. and no, cash man had nothing to do with constructing that team either, he was just george’s errand boy. flunkie with a title. ha ha ha.” -j_spikett