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Mets Daily Prospect Report, 7/24/22: Top prospect grand slams

Catch up on all the Mets prospects in yesterday’s minor league action!

Alex Ramirez
Steve Sypa

*All results from games played on July 23, 2022

Triple-A: Syracuse Mets (42-50)


Down by two, Fransisco Alvarez put Syracuse on the board in the most exciting way imaginable, slugging a grand slam in the top of the fourth to make it a 4-2 ballgame. The Mets tacked on two more in the sixth and one in the eighth. The bullpen was almost perfect, blanking the Woo Sox during all that time, but Michel Otanez gave up a run in the ninth.

Double-A: Binghamton Rumble Ponies (5-14/33-55)


High-A: Brooklyn Cyclones (13-10/43-46)

The Cyclones had a tall hill ahead of them in the form of Andrew Painter, one of the best pitching prospects in baseball. The Jersey BlueClaws- renamed the BruceClaws in honor of Bruce Springsteen- had less of a tall hill, in that Brooklyn had Dominic Hamel going. Jersey Shore got on the board first with a two-run second, but Jose Mena cut that in half with a solo homer in the third. Surprisingly, the Cyclones touched up Painter in the fifth, chasing him from the game and taking the lead with a three run inning. The lead wouldn’t last, as Oscar Rojas gave up four runs in the sixth. Both teams scored in the seventh, but with one swing, Alex Ramirez changed the game in the ninth.

With two outs, Rowdy Jordan drew a walk, giving what we thought would be one more chance to analyze Alex Ramirez’s swing and his weird hand path. Ramirez smoked the second pitch he saw- the first was a ball- over the left center wall for a grand salami. Dylan Hall made things interesting in the bottom of the inning- though in his defense, Shervyen Newton and Jaylen Palmer didn’t do him any favors, allowing back-to-back singles that arguably could’ve been ruled errors- loading up the bases, but got Rixon Wingrove to wave at strike three and end the game.

Guys, forget his weird mechanics, Alex Ramirez is really good. Stanley Consuegra, too. He missed a home run by inches and his triple could’ve very easily been an inside-the-park home run if the third base coach had sent him. It’s not like I’m letting some kind of cat out of the bag, but I don’t think too many people realize how close the two are in terms of “prospect rankings” or whatever you want to call it.

Single-A: St. Lucie Mets (11-12/51-37)


The Hammerheads scored first and at no point trailed, plating a run in the third to take the lead and another in the fifth to tie things back up after St. Lucie got on the board in the fourth. A two-run eighth put them in the driver’s seat, and the St. Lucie offense had no response in the top of the ninth.

Complex: FCL Mets (18-13)


Star of the Night

Alex Ramirez

Goat of the Night

Saul Gonzalez