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UnforMETable, Episode 86: Richard Hidalgo [rebroadcast]

This week, guest host Brian tracks the career of one of his most memorable short-term Met players.

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Note: Rob is away this week, and so we are rebroadcasting an episode with a tie to today’s date, July 5.

Welcome to UnforMETable, a new show from Amazin’ Avenue that looks back on less heralded, more obscure, but quintessential Mets players from the past.

This week, guest host Brian Salvatore traces the career of former Met Richard Hidalgo. Hildalgo came up with the Astros, had an amazing year in 2000, and a very good year in 2003 before coming over to the Mets in a trade in June of 2004. He hit 21 home runs in the summer of 2004, only to depart the team in the off-season.

Some of the things discussed in this episode: his connection to Bobby Abreau, his son signing with the Marlins, his abandoned ‘field of dreams,’ and the time the dude was shot during a carjacking, but played profession baseball just a few months later.

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