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This Week in Mets Quotes: Showalter thinks McNeil is an All-Star

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites

Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Your 2022 New York Mets: We have the utmost confidence.

“We have the utmost confidence in ourselves and the guys in the dugout. That’s what’s so special about this team.” -James McCann [MLB]

J.D. Davis is now sporting a 109 wRC+ and McCann’s low BABIP should regress to the mean, which is a huge boon for the offense considering they batted 8th and 9th in the lineup last night.

“We all know what J.D. is capable of, and Mac’s track record. We’re trying to see if everybody can play to their potential. A lot of times the pitchers don’t cooperate, but I like our guys. I like the players we have, and I don’t spend any time coveting anybody else’s.” -Buck Showalter [MLB]

I didn’t like the contract but am rooting for him.

“It’s been a strange year for me — a slow start to the season, and then right as I feel like I’m starting to get going, the hand pops up. It hasn’t been going great since coming back, but I definitely feel like the strength is starting to come back. I’m starting to get my timing, my feel — everything — and string some quality at-bats together.” -James McCann [MLB]

Trevor Williams is having a nice season for what has been a challenging role.

“Sitting for a long time on the bench because the offense is scoring runs is always a good thing.” -Trevor Williams [MLB]

When you’re right, you’re right.

“That can literally be one or two hits a game that you’re not getting with two outs, runners in scoring position that make the world of difference. That’s the difference between you scoring two or three runs or you’ve scored zero.” -Brandon Nimmo [New York Post]

Really easy to root for Eduardo Escobar.

“When you get your first base hit in MLB, it felt a lot like that. Especially to win the game, feels really good.” -Eduardo Escobar [New York Post]

“Nobody cares more than Eduardo does, almost to a fault and it’s well documented what kind of human being he is. We felt like 25 other guys hit the home run with him, that’s how much guys revel in what he does.” -Buck Showalter [New York Post]

NO. Just No.

“There is a perception in some corners of the industry that if Jacob deGrom follows through with what he said in the spring and opts out of his Mets’ contract, the Braves will be the favorites to land him.” -Buster Olney [SI]

“As a player, you build in opt-outs and that is the business side of it, but for me I don’t want this to be any distraction. I am excited about this and said it before, love being a Met. I think it would be really cool to be one for my entire career, but the plan is to exercise my option, and be in constant contact in the offseason with the Mets and Steve Cohen and the front office.” -Jacob deGrom [SI]

Buck lobbies McNeil.

“If [Jeff McNeil’s] not on the All-Star team, I don’t see how. I’m not one of those guys who forgets everything guys have done through the year just because you don’t get a hit every at-bat.” -Buck Showalter [New York Post]

Love Keith? Love Keith.

“I saw that first long road trip as a great way to get the guys together and talk baseball, start becoming a team. I remember saying, ‘Hey, where are you guys going after the game?’ I started getting guys to go out as a group and talk. Have a beer and talk about their at-bats that night. Right away there was camaraderie. I thought that stuff was really important if you wanted to build something.” -Keith Hernandez [SNY]

Reminder that baseball players are human.

“I’ve been on short-term deals my last two free agencies. It would be nice to do a longer-term deal and kind of just be set up in one place and know that I’m going to be here for a couple years. Maybe have my family settle in a little bit. That would be nice.” -Taijuan Walker [MLB]

It’s such a privilege to watch him pitch.

“It’s like [Scherzer] never missed a beat. From the first batter of the game, to attack the strike zone early and often, he got into friendly counts for us as far as being ahead and then he put hitters away.” -James McCann [New York Post]

Love this team.

“I’m proud of the way the players have embraced a team concept. Nobody is more important than somebody else. We all have to do our part. I’ve had some good teams and some good people. I don’t think I’ve had so many people you like to hang out with. There are a lot of guys I sincerely like. We have a lot of guys with a pure heart. They want to win. They want to do the right thing. They worry about the weight their words carry. They are constantly trying to help each other.” -Buck Showalter [MLB}

Really want things to work out for Smith.

“Anytime you can come up in any big moment, it’s a great sign. That’s something that has happened pretty much my whole career — you get in that situation, they’re calling for the lefty. So to be able to come through like that, it’s definitely a good feeling.” -Dom Smith [MLB]

Mets Tweet of the Week

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

“color me skeptic. I have not been a believer all season. show me. like someone from Missouri would say.

I did not like the sherezer signing from day one. am I concinvciced he is going to come back and be a difference maker? what do you think?

I advocating trading legroom when he threatened to impose an innings restriction because of a contract dispute. said at the time that this would be the ideal time to trade him. that he was only going downhill from here. sell at the peek. no one listened to me then. do I think he will be back with a vengeance? what do you think?

I did not like eppler or showalter. lobbied against both.

the season is a marathon not a sprint. and one of my knocks against showalter was he burns out his players including pitchers with overuse. hence he has such a bad post season record.

say prayers my friends. the mets have been in the worse division all year but those hated bravos are coming fast.” -j_spikett