Scenarios for the House of Horrors

Just to repeat something I posted in a game thread, if the Mets win one game in Atlanta they win the season series, and have the tiebreaker. So if the teams are tied, the Mets would in reality be ahead. Therefore going into Atlanta:

  • Mets up 1, must win 1. If they win one game and lose two, the teams are tied, and therefore the Mets are ahead. They return home to face the Nationals, and if they can't beat them with everything on the line, they don't deserve the division.
  • Mets up 2, still must win 1. If the Braves sweep, they have a 1 game lead and win the season series, taking the tiebreaker from the Mets. So the Mets would be, in effect, two games behind.
  • Mets up 3, still must win 1. If the Braves sweep the teams are tied but the Braves have the tiebreaker. The Mets would have to back in.
  • Braves up 1, must win 2. Hard task winning a series in the House of Horrors.
  • Braves up 2, must win 3. Or else back in.
  • Braves up 3, still must win 3, thanks to the tiebreaker.

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