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The Month of Escobar

Miami Marlins v New York Mets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

After a performance where he drove in all five of the Mets’ runs in a 5-4 victory over the Marlins, Gary Cohen dubbed September “The month of [Eduardo] Escobar.” While there have certainly been players with more productive months in their Mets’ career, Escobar’s September seems extra special because of how poorly his early season went and how much the Mets have needed him in the month leading up to the playoffs.

In all but three of the Mets’ 15 wins in September, Escobar has collected a hit. All but one of Escobar’s 24 RBIs in September have come in Met victories. Escobar has grounded into just two double plays all month. His September .330/.379/.638 line has benefitted a little bit from a BABIP of .343, but a .309 isolated slugging will play regardless of a higher than average BABIP.

For comparison, Escobar’s season through the end of August had a .218/.269/.383 line, with a more normal BABIP of .261 and an ISO of .166. Escobar hit 12 home runs through August 31; he’s hit eight in September.

What is interesting is that, despite the results, Escobar’s batted ball rates look remarkably similar March-August and in September. His line drive, ground ball, and fly ball rates are all within two percentage points of each other. He’s pulling the ball a little more, but only really his HR/FB % is noticeably different in September, at 22.9%, compared to an 8.8% clip in the first five plus months of the season.

While Pete Alonso, Max Scherzer, and others have all had impressive performances this month, Escobar going from frustratingly under performing to looking like a superstar represents a far more dramatic looking month. Let’s hope that Friday night, Escobar can cap off the month in style.