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Join Amazin’ Avenue on Spotify Live after tonight’s Mets/Braves game

Chat with our podcasters this evening.


This weekend’s series with the Braves is the biggest regular season series in quite some time, and all of us have a lot of thoughts about it. To facilitate that, some of the Amazin’ Avenue podcasters, including From Complex to Queens’s Lukas Vlahos and Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show)’s Brian Salvatore will be gathering on Spotify Live (formerly Spotify Greenroom, formerly Locker Room) to discuss game one of the series, and we want you to join us!

Spotify Live allows the host(s) to call people onto the ‘stage’ to join the conversation directly, as well as text and ask questions in the chat function. So, whether you want to listen in, offer your opinion, or just ask some questions, come join us!

Download the Spotify Live app to your smartphone or tablet, and check back here at the end of the game for the link to join the conversation. We’ll see you after the game and, as always, Let’s Go Mets.

Join us here!