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Mets Morning News: Anticipation

Your Monday morning dose of New York Mets and MLB news, notes, and links.

New York Mets’ Pat Mahomes (left) and Dennis Cooke pass medi Photo by Keith Torrie/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

Meet the Mets

A day after Buck Showalter threatened him to keep his marriage intact, Justin Verlander expressed excitement over starting his Mets career.

Going into 2023, the Mets have some of the best rotational depth in the majors and hopefully they never have to use any of it.

The Mets signed minor league free agent 1B Dariel Gomez to a minor-league deal.

Around the National League East

The Phillies signed veteran infielder and totally-out-of-the-baseline-runner Josh Harrison to a one-year deal for $2M.

Brian Snitker’s Braves have zero interest in the services of YouTuber Trevor Bauer.

Around Major League Baseball

Fittingly, Sarah Langs was awarded the Casey Stengel “You Could Look It Up” Award at the annual NY BBWAA dinner.

Two-time Gold Glove winner Roberto Perez came to an agreement with the San Francisco Giants after being aggressively pursued by the Red Sox.

Using his skills of analyzing the world’s worse people for our benefit once again, David Roth looked at the weird man at the helm of the Orioles, John Angelos.

If the Mets being good is too confusing for you, do not worry, there are plenty of bad teams that you can start following before they succeed.

Speaking of bad teams, Rockies owner Dick Monfort spoke to the media and expressed concern over the Padres spending money and not sucking complete ass like his disgusting homunculus of a team.

Gleyber Torres will make $9.995M this season after settling with the Yankees and avoiding arbitration.

This Date in Mets History

Happy 80th birthday to World Series winning manager Davey Johnson.