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Flushing is Burning, Episode 25: Don’t Say Gay (Tape)

A week of unforced errors from all sides.

In the midst of the playoffs there’s no Mets news, so Grace pivots to general baseball coverage and talks about the playoffs to this point. Two LCS’s with stories on the road to them, and how the teams stack up. Grace also has a (somewhat) shameful admission about the 2023 Phillies, so try not to get too worked up about it.

Then, Grace looks at some big stories from the week. Alyssa Nakken became the first woman considered for a managerial position in MLB! Of course there’s sexist backlash but who cares? Kim Ng resigned, and good for her for knowing her worth. Then, Grace discusses the NHL ban on Pride Tape and how stupid the NHL is to create a backlash that was wholly unnecessary. But homophobia isn’t based in logic, is it?

Final, a third act all about Grace’s movie minute, which starts as a celebration of a film and then turns to a slight dissection of late-00s media culture and the depiction of women therein, a celebration of three women who deserve their flowers, and Grace listing every movie she’s ever seen (just about).

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