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Flushing is Burning, Episode 26: Ramble On

Very little news leads to a lot of riffing.

It’s another boring playoff week, but a bit of Mets news gives Grace something to talk about. There’s a bit of manager news, some awards and nominations, and a former Met retirement. Plus a lot of Grace struggling to remember past World Series winners for some frat radio content.

Then, Grace takes a look at the two playoff series running at the time of recording. The ALCS with its drama between Adolis García and Bryan Abreu, and Grace takes a stand on FIB’s rooting interests in the series. And the NLCS with a fun back and forth between the Phillies and Diamondbacks. Grace then takes a stand on the Phillies’ song choice for their playoff run.

Finally, Grace looks ahead at what the show can do post-playoffs, with a long winter ahead. And since Grace is bad at math and reading calculators, you get two movie minutes for the price of one to celebrate the end of October.

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