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Flushing is Burning, Episode 29: This Week in Footy

New York is finally a champion once again!

It’s been a little week for baseball news but the extra two days Grace took to record this episode gave her a little more to work with. The manager merry-go-round ended with Mendoza leading the Mets, and even more shocking results elsewhere. Mendoza seems fine now but no one can know until the Mets take the field in 2024.And some reports are starting to create multiple pictures of what that Mets team might look like, for better or worse.

Then, with nothing much else to talk about, Grace gets into a topic she is very passionate about: the NWSL championship game played this weekend. Gotham has won their first trophy, and the first championship for the city (and its surrounding area) in over a decade. Grace gets into the nitty-gritty of the game and all the juicy, drama-filled storylines running throughout it. Let’s go Bats!

Finally, Grace pitches an idea for a segment next week, and it requires you, dear listener, to be a passive (or active if you want) part of it. So go find your closest streaming/physical media copy of the film version of A League of Their Own and let’s get to work. And finally, a movie minute featuring an all-time for Grace, in continuation of Noirvember 2023.

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