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Flushing is Burning, Episode 27: Can Everyone Please Just Act Normal?

Some things just don’t need to be joked about.

Grace leads off the episode talking about the first two games of the World Series. There’s great stories, great performances, and a terrible joke from Justin Verlander’s brother. Where it goes from here, who knows?

Then a switch to some general sports news. First, the Pride Tape ban has been repealed! Thanks to the courage of Travis Dermott, and the ineptitude of the NHL, the ban lasted not even a single game and now players can do as they please (with regards to their stick tape) yet again. Then, in a more downer note, Dwight Howard has been accused of sexual assault, but because it’s a man accusing him people have lost their collective minds. There’s thoughts on the nature of rape jokes and culture when it comes to the straight perspective on gay issues, and also the bonkers take from Deadspin that these assault allegations are ruining a big moment for LGBTQ athletes.

Finally, a multi-minute, multi-movie movie minute! First, Grace talks about the joy of seeing Academy Award nominee and hot upcoming star Paul Mescal in a Mets hat. She recommends a movie of his and a movie of the OG Mets hat movie star king Leonardo DiCaprio. Then Grace wraps up with her real movie minute, one that kicks off the start of the so-called “Noirvember.”

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