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I mean, for the first time in ever, I can actually sign the man. Like, sign here, and we're good to go...No trades necessary. Nada, just press speed dial #1 on the old Nokia and presto! Well, I'd at least have to look at the number on the phone and then dial that on someone else's phone as for some reason mine is blocked or something... Anywho... This is my first action of business. That said, Joey (or rather Joey's agent/lawyer team has advised me that he is retiring. This cannot be! So, I negotiate for a cool mil that Joey does sign with the Mets and then retires to his poutine and maple syrup, which he is cool with because some non-contact clause that we've agreed to where I'm not allowed to contact him ever again. So, that has to mean just wait a year to contact him, which I can do.

These are old, but my favs, so they are getting put in here. And I can do this because I say so.

Votto finally coming to NY.


Votto the Destroyer


His rightful place in the pantheon of US Presidents and baseball gods...


Now that the important part of the offseason is completed, I guess we'll have to address the rest of the team for now and the future. There is a fine line of prospects on the up and up, a decent core to work with, the last year of a fair amount of money on the books, yet there is a rotation and bullpen to build, a lineup that could use a little dash of something something, and some prospects that need to let us know they want to be on the bid league club... And I say, we can do all of the above now. Like now now. My plan is a plan, and said plan plans to plan out a competitive team, leveraging mainly FAs, having the flexibility to have some prospects learn on the job, while also leveraging so o' those prospects to upgrade/fill holes/spackle/etc.

Ok, we'll start with the house cleaning to get an idea of what we have. Raley and Narvaez's contracts are secured, Raley with his team option and Narwahl with his player option. I'm picking up the arb costs on a few, in Alonso, Stewart, Gott, and Luchessi. Yeah, I'm cutting bait on a bunch of names here. The biggest (R D R R) is Vogelbach, with the others being Bickford, Locastro, Guillorme, Doctor Smith, Hernandez, Coonrod, Brigham, and Curtiss. But fear not, we're re-signing Coonrod and Guillorme to minor league deals, as they are good enough for depth, but I don't want to blow a 40 man slot on them.

As per Alonso, I want to specifically say that I have flipped and flopped and flopped and flipped on extending him or not. At this point, I'm going ride this out, drop the QO on him and tell him let us have the last say on a contract and see where it goes from there. In the end, we'll probably have to overpay for him, but I'll cross that bridge come next offseason.


And lastly, we have the tombstones of contracts past in Verlander, Scherzer, McCann and Nido. I'll add in beautiful Votto's cool mil here, for accounting purposes. .

Alrighty! Let's start on the positional side of things. The OF is thin and there is the quandary related to 3B. Well take the 3 step plan to offensive fixedness. Step1, I'll take me Juan/One Soto, to go!


Mets trade Luisangel Acuna, Dominic Hamel and Mark Vientos to the Padres for Juan Soto.

Mets extend Juan Soto for 12 years, 482 mil.

I don't think there necessarily needs to be a pitching backfill that automatically fills a spot for the Pads, but rather value and reduced cost that they need. I'm sure they will sign/trade others for pitching, or who knows what they do, it's Preller after all, but this bumps up their prospect pool nicely. Acuna and Hamel should be percolating up in short order, and Vientos gives them a 1B/DH option on the cheap. It's the high value of Acuna that puts this package above others, as well and the Mets ability to shoulder 30+ mil on the payroll now and extend the man. Which is what they do, signing him to a 12 year, 482 million dollar deal. Bonkers, I know, but a bonkers we shall go. This adds a 6 WAR lefty bat to the lineup, adding power and OBP to a lineup that sets up Alonso to jack dongs (can we say that) and have a bizillion rib eyes. Keith will love this. Eventually he'll slide to DH/1B, but for now, I'll deal with a subpar defense for all that offense he adds.


Mets sign Rhys Hoskins for 2 year, 36 million. Player opt out for 2025.

I had a Irish Turner and some MSPainz all slated for this spot, but Philly not offering a QO to Hoskins has changed my mind. And this was to be a fix as a back up 3B/DH with said Leprechaun, but I couldn't not make a run for Rhys the Rhino. Another RH bat that can be the DH/1B backup is enticing, and not enough to break the bank. This contract gives the Mets a 1 year option should they decide to not extend Alonso, and just a one year DH option should they do extend Alonso. The bat plays, and I'm looking to get the injury discount in this spot.


Mets sign Isiah Kiner-Falefa for one year 4 mil.

Lastly, I can't not have an OF body, or rather, I want someone that can competent play CF, if needed. Furthering to add to the 3B defensive need, yet adding to the jack of all trades can play CF, I'm bringing in Isiah Kiner-Falefa. Nothing amazing here, but I'm building a bit for depth, here, and he's held his own in CF and grades out nicely at 3B And SS, if needed! I hope to not have to use him much, but that's why you have depth, right? Just in case. Try the falafels.


Mets sign Yoshinobu Yamamoto to a 8 year, 200 million dollar deal..

As we slide on over to the pitching side of things, the rotation has 2, count them 2, consistent and workable rotation spots in Senga and Quintana. So, we'll play a little Nintendo and sign YoshiYams! No QO, young, talented, Senga needs a lunch buddy, what's not to like? Need something quality and controllable, and they does both.


Mets trade Tylor Megill, Kevin Parada, and Alex Ramirez to the Pirates for Mitch Keller.

Second order of business is to crack open the prospect pool for the second (and last time, I promise!) to bring in a pitcher with more than just 1 year of control. There are a few that fit the bill, but considering it's the Pirates, shouldn't take as much of a prospect haul as Cease, and is a bit higher in quality than Singer, we're bringing in Mitch Keller to the fold. And who doesn't love a Super Pirate!?!? Tylor can backfill their rotation on the cheap and Parada and ARam have lost a little luster, so I'm looking to move them now while they still have value. I'm sure they'll bounce back once moved, but whatever, I need another legit rotation arm and this is the move. 2 years of control, est arb cost of 6 mil, this fits in nicely as a number 3 type, pushing Quintana back to the 4th spot.


Mets sign Jakob Junis for 3 year,18million.

Now, for the last spot in the rotation, I'm signing Jakob Junis. Has done quite nicely in a hybrid roll, though I'm leveraging him as a starter for now. If any of the kids rise up and end up needing to push him to the pen, so be it. He's succeeded there too, so this is a quality 5th spot guy with some flexibility.

On to the Pain! And by pain, I mean fixing the BullPain though the pain of the checkbook. This ain't gonna be cheap.

I never like the overcooked spaghetti plan with throwing out flotsam and seeing what might stick. So, I'm looking to bring in some higher leverage guys here, as well as having a mix of lefties. With Edwin Diaz and Brooks Raley as locks, and I'm keeping Gott here as my 8th man (his underlying numbers worked better for me than Smith), I'll look to add 5 bodies here. To be honest, it's really 4, and 1 of the 5 is internal, in Lucchesi. Joey is what he is, and long man type is what I want out of him. So that leads me to 3 FAs (see, I promised no more trades, though that was tough). Mets sign a slew of S's.


Mets sign Robert Stephenson, 4 years, 36 million.

Mets sign Chris Stratton, 2 years, 8 million

Mets sign Brent Suter, 2 years, 8 million

Robert Stephenson figured something out last year, and he's being rewarded for this. Thank you Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Putting this in context of a Graveman/Montero type deal (as per the MLBTR) I think this makes some sense to spend on a higher risk/reward type, and have a legitimate backup should Diaz decide to celebrate ano-, err, yeah, let's not even go there. Anyway, for Stephenson, he put up a K rate of almost 42% vs. a 6% walk rate. I'm splurging here and buying in on the hype.

Chris Stratton is a solid reliever who can handle innings of work (82 this season past) and had some decent FIPs over the past couple of years. Won't break the bank here, but a solid mid BP type guy into the mix

Brent Suters his Milwaukee past to Stearns team, with his change of pace and left handedness to the BP. Not the high K type, but not necessarily needed from a soft tossing lefty. Change of pace tyep, and let the defense do it's thing. Another solid add without breaking the bank.


Mets sign Hector Neris for 2 years, 14 mil

50 cent and Hector Neris are literally the same person, looks wise, so any reason to put this gif in there, I will. Now, with Otto bailing (what does he think his market bears?), i'm looking to add yet another BP arm, and Neris is the guy. Durable, beginning to slightly decline, I view him as an expensive back of the BP type with squinting you can see him being in the top 4. I'll take that for what I'm looking for.

So, I'll add a minor league signing or 3 or 4 as well. Thinking Daniel Norris (RP), Jimmy Nelson (RP), Jason Alexander (SP, and Seinfeld fav!) and Tucker Barnhardt (C).

So, here is team all summed up and in table format: We've add some bats to the lineup, have sufficient depth around the horn, built out a rotation that has control, while still allowing for the internal pitching peeps to percolate up the pipeline, and added some controllable BP arms. A lest we forget, Votto retired as a Met!

The rotation ends up looking like this, in terms of depth, of Yamamoto, Senga, Keller, Quintana, Junis, Peterson, Lucchesi, Butto, Vasil, Jarvis, etc. etc., the BP is built out for this and the next year. We have places for the special prospects to percolate on up in the rotation, BP and a special place for Jett in CF!. We did move some prospects, but I kept all the important ones, and we'll have some room for growth with Mauricio/Baty. Please, one of you two, be most excellent for us! And there will be some money coming off the books in the coming years to lock up those prospects to long term deals.



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