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Flushing is Burning, Episode 28: No More Predictions

Will Grace ever be right again?

The Rangers have won the World Series, and the 2023 MLB season is officially a wrap! Grace discusses the end of the World Series, and her inability to predict anything. The fan reaction in Texas is tremendous, and who knows when there will be another first time winner. Grace also touches on the ridiculousness of complaining about television ratings as fans.

Then, Grace goes into the Mets offseason, with the manager spot being the most pressing concern. This episode was recorded prior to the Counsell/Mendoza news breaking, so she clearly has no idea what’s coming. She touches on some minor moves the team has made thus far, and what they could be looking at in free agency, both for open spots and to improve in other places.

Finally, Grace begins concretely thinking about what the offseason will look like for the podcast, and the balance between baseball coverage, queer news, and movie stuff will look like in the drier months. Finally, another Noirvember movie minute, with an impromptu double feature recommendation.

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