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Mets acquire Yohan Ramirez from the White Sox

The recently DFA’d right-hander was acquired for cash.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Minnesota Twins Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

It’s not the player whose name starts in “Y-O” that we’re all waiting for, but the Mets did acquire an arm, sending cash to the White Sox for right-hander Yohan Ramirez. The 28-year-old was recently DFA’s after posting a 4.23 ERA with Pittsburgh and Chicago last season.

Ramirez debuted with the Mariners back in 2020, flashing tantalizing strikeout stuff but throwing nowhere near enough strikes and being a bit too home prone. After just over 50 innings with Seattle, Ramirez was DFA’d in early 2022 before bouncing to the Guardians and eventually the PIrates. Here, his strikeout stuff vanished, and he was generally ineffective across parts of two seasons with Pittsburgh before ultimately winding up in Chicago late last season on a waiver claim.

Originally a 4-seam fastball slider guy, Ramirez has gradually transformed into a sinker-sweeper pitcher. A cursory inspection of his Statcast page suggests he’s throwing the sinker too much and the sweeper too little; batters pummeled the former for a .389 wOBA last year, while his sweeper held batters to a .266 mark. Spamming the breaker more could allow him to be a functional middle reliever rather than someone who gets waived or DFA’d multiple times in three seasons. There are probably some other tweaks to be made here on top of the obvious, as the PIrates and White Sox are hardly at the forefront of maximizing pitcher arsenals in the modern game.

Ultimately this is an essentially free gamble on an arm with some plausible upside. The Brewers under David Stearns consistently churned out above average bullpens built off this type of player, so expect to see more of this sort of move. Even though most of the individual players don’t work out, if you throw enough well placed darts you’re bound to hit on some eventually.