I’m a former AA writer. Simon & Schuster is about to publish my book.

Hi all, over a dozen years ago I wrote another fanpost for this site called "Meet the Met" (part one, part two.) At the time I had recently started working as a guard in the galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I thought these silly little posts might be fun, and they were — I think I had the "rec" record for a couple of proud years there. I was "letgocyclones" at the time, and I eventually became Pack Bringley and wrote various things for AA — minor league recaps, "this day in Mets history," entries in the top 100 Mets of all time, a Bloomsday celebration called Murph-lysses.

I’m happy to share a bit of news. On February 14th, Simon & Schuster is publishing my memoir, All the Beauty in the World: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Me. It’s a portrait of the Met and its treasures from a guard’s intimate vantage, and it doubles as a personal story about the loss of my big brother and the solace I found in my work. But you can think of it as Meet the Met Part 3.

I’d like to invite you guys to join me for a free virtual book talk and Q&A I’m giving on February 7 at 7pm EST. Again, it’s free, and if you can’t make it live registrants can also watch via replay. I’ll be talking about the museum, its operations, its masterpieces, its more than five hundred guards, and my story — the whole shebang. It would be really cool if any of you could make it.

And I also want to say this… Don’t take this fanpost section for granted. This space right here is way cool. When I had no idea what I was doing in the prose department, I wrote some truly nutty things here (see: Murphy-losses) in an attempt to spread my wings, and why not? There was a fun-loving audience on the other end, we all loved our Amazin Mets, and no one minded if I tried some things out, if I took some big swings. No one will mind if you try some things out either.

So thank you all. Hit me up at my website if you’d like to stay in touch, and LGM.


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