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Top 25 Mets Prospects for 2023

We present our list of the Mets’ best prospects heading into the 2023 season.

Syracuse Mets v Lehigh Valley IronPigs
Francisco Alvarez
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

We’ve officially wrapped up our countdown of our list of the Mets’ top twenty-five prospects going into the 2023 season. I hope you enjoyed it, and that it was as educational to everyone reading as it was enjoyable for me putting it together. I encourage everyone to use the comment section to submit questions about the state of the Mets’ farm system, our 2023 list, our individual lists, or anything else you have questions about. We’ll do our best to answer everyone!

Here, then, is the full list, complete with links to each player’s write-up:

  1. C Francisco Alvarez
  2. RHP Kodai Senga
  3. 3B Brett Baty
  4. C Kevin Parada
  5. SS Jett Williams
  6. RHP Blade Tidwell
  7. CF Alex Ramirez
  8. 3B Mark Vientos
  9. SS Ronny Mauricio
  10. RHP Dominic Hamel
  11. RHP Calvin Ziegler
  12. RHP Mike Vasil
  13. OF Stanley Consuegra
  14. 3B Jacob Reimer
  15. RHP Joel Diaz
  16. RHP Matthew Allan
  17. RHP Jose Butto
  18. RHP Layonel Ovalles
  19. RHP Bryce Montes de Oca
  20. SS Jesus Baez
  21. RHP Junior Santos
  22. CF Willy Fañas
  23. RHP Eric Orze
  24. CF Simon Juan
  25. 3B Wiliam Lugo

Other Players of Note

Amazin’ Avenue 2023 Top 25 Mets Prospects

Rank Steve Lukas Ken Thomas
1 Francisco Alvarez Francisco Alvarez Francisco Alvarez Francisco Alvarez
2 Kodai Senga Kodai Senga Kodai Senga Kodai Senga
3 Brett Baty Brett Baty Brett Baty Brett Baty
4 Kevin Parada Jett Williams Kevin Parada Kevin Parada
5 Blade Tidwell Kevin Parada Jett Williams Jett Williams
6 Mark Vientos Alex Ramirez Blade Tidwell Blade Tidwell
7 Alex Ramirez Blade Tidwell Alex Ramirez Alex Ramirez
8 Jett Williams Mark Vientos Mark Vientos Mark Vientos
9 Ronny Mauricio Dominic Hamel Dominic Hamel Ronny Mauricio
10 Stanley Consuera Calvin Ziegler Ronny Mauricio Calvin Ziegler
11 Dominic Hamel Jacob Reimer Jacob Reimer Dominic Hamel
12 William Lugo Ronny Mauricio Calvin Ziegler Matthew Allan
13 Jose Butto Mike Vasil Mike Vasil Mike Vasil
14 Mike Vasil Jesus Baez Stanley Consuera Jacob Reimer
15 Calvin Ziegler Joel Diaz Joel Diaz Stanley Consuera
16 Joel Diaz Matthew Allan Jesus Baez Joel Diaz
17 Layonel Ovalles Zach Greene Matthew Allan Christian Scott
18 Jonah Tong Stanley Consuegra Bryce Montes de Oca Jose Butto
19 Vincent Perozo Bryce Montes de Oca Jose Butto Junior Santos
20 Javier Atencio Dedniel Nunez Eric Orze Jordany Ventura
21 Grant Harwig Eric Orze Junior Santos Wily Fanas
22 Bryce Montes de Oca Layonel Ovalles Layonel Ovalles Jose Peroza
23 Matthew Allan Simon Juan Wily Fanas Khalil Lee
24 Eric Orze Wily Fanas Junior Tillien Jeffrey Colon
25 Jacob Reimer Jonah Tong Simon Juan Layonel Ovalles

As always, a special thanks goes out to our friends at Baseball Prospectus, Baseball America, FanGraphs, and the countless others who have contributed to our collective knowledge of the Mets’ farm system through first-hand information or secondary sources. Another thanks goes out to the various photographers who have graciously allowed Amazin’ Avenue to use their shots over the years.

Last but certainly not least, the Amazin’ Avenue minor league team thanks our amazing community for their continued passion and enthusiasm. None of this would be possible—or needed—without your continued support.