Edwin Diaz and Brandon Nimmo hurt

Edwin Diaz
What happened? well while celebrating at the world baseball classic Edwin Diaz screwed his knee up. Right after the Mets signed him to a new contract he gets hurt. You can't blame him or anything it just really sucks. Either way he is expected to be out for the rest of the season such a big hit so before the season started.
Brandon Nimmo
Brandon Nimmo was sliding in a spring training game and spraint his knee and his ankle. His injury isn't nearly as bad as Diaz's but still gonna be rough to start the season off without him. Though it is still unclear if he will be available for opening day so it can't be too bad.
Jose Quintentina
Jose Quintentina is a Mets reliever if you were not aware but he is having rib surgery. Quintentina is not as much of a significant part of our team like Diaz and Nimmo but nonetheless any hit to our bullpen still sucks. he will be turning somewhere around July which is bad but not terrible.

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