Japan Wins Baseball classic in an Amazing finale

World Baseball Classic

Today was the World Baseball Classic Championship. The final game was Japan USA with the USA going up to an early 1-0 lead but Japan quickly caught up making it 3-1. In the top 9th inning the game is 3-2 Japan and the so-called dream matchup happened Shohei Ohtani steps up to the pitcher's mound with the next 3 batters being Jeff McNeil, Mookie Betts, and Mike Trout. First Jeff McNeil up and Ohtani walks him. Next Mookie Betts hits a bouncing grounder to second for a double play. Then Mike Trout walks up to the plate and goes 3-2 with the final pitch being an amazing slider by Ohtani which Mike Trout struck out and Japan became the World Baseball Classic champions. This is the 3rd WBC that Japan has one and the first since 2009. Overall this tournament was one of the best WBCs ever and this game got intense at the end of this game.

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