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Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World Series, Episode 123: Opening Day Awaits

New show title, same old show.

Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World Series
Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World Series
2023, Home Run Applesauce

Welcome to Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World Series, the new/old favorite from Chris McShane and Brian Salvatore.

After a long layoff that involved launching a new podcast network and Patreon, Brian and Chris return! With the injuries to Edwin Díaz and José Quintana, they discuss the Mets’ roster around the margins. Hear Chris extol the virtues of Jeff Brigham, and Brian be surprisingly vocal in his support for Tim Locastro.

Chris’s Music Pick:

Wilco - Summerteeth

Brian’s Music Pick:

Happy Apple - The Peace Between Our Companies

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And, until next time, Let’s Go Mets.