Where will the Mets finish with the loss of Diaz ?

The Mets have most likely lost star reliever Edwin Diaz for the the season. The Mets will probably find it difficult to replace Edwin Diaz's bullpen output. The loss of Diaz, one of baseball's top closers last year, will have a significant impact on the team's chances of winning the World Series.

The Mets do have a few options to fill the closer position, though. Veteran reliever David Robertson has expertise finishing off games. Although he is not as powerful as Diaz, he is still a good choice. Drew Smith and Tommy Hunter are two young relievers on the Mets who have the potential to become as closers.

The Mets' starting rotation will also need to produce more effectively. Last season, the team's rotation was a significant area for improvement the Mets. Although the team's pitchers are excellent, they need to be more reliable.

Without Edwin Diaz, the Mets will generally have a number of difficulties this season. The squad does, however, have some talent and depth, so they might still contend for a postseason spot. I predict that the Mets will finish the regular season with a record of 99–63 despite losing DeGrom, who didn't have the finest season the year before. In addition, we recently added individuals like Verlander and Sengai. Because we lost Diaz for the season and had a 101-61 record the previous year, I believe this projection to be accurate due to the acquisitions.

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