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This Week in Mets Quotes: McNeil thinks Mets have been pretty, pretty good

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

Washington Nationals v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Your 2023 New York Mets: Pretty good.

“If you said we were going to finish 7-3 at the start of it, I think we would have taken it. That’s a pretty good trip out here. A long trip. Being able to have that kind of record with the trip out here and the back and forth, I think that’s pretty good.” -Jeff McNeil [MLB]

The road trip did ‘suck’ at the end.

“It’s hard to play on the road. We’re out here for a while. We played some good, quality baseball against good teams. As much as it sucks losing today, the guys had a really good road trip.” -Tylor Megill [MLB]

Great profile on our veteran, steady, most likely leader in a bunch of career Mets offensive categories (very weird to say all that) Brandon Nimmo.

“I’ve been in the Mets organization for a long time and I’ve seen what we’ve done really well and I’ve seen what we can improve upon. And I’m here to be that steady voice of, this is the way that we do things around here. We’re finding some success as of late doing that, and so let’s filter out the stuff that doesn’t help us and let’s keep the stuff that does.” -Brandon Nimmo [Fox]

Wait, Nimmo thinks he’s not a ‘rah-rah player’.

“That’s kind of my place, is being that steady force around here, rather than — I’m definitely not going to be your rah-rah player. I usually let my actions speak louder than my words.” -Brandon Nimmo [Fox]

I’m sure the (well deserved) amount money doesn’t hurt.

“I don’t have to worry about the business of baseball anymore. And I just get to worry about being the very best that I can be that day and trying to help us win the championship. That for me is the ultimate dream because I just get to play baseball and be the best version of myself.” -Brandon Nimmo [Fox]

Completely forgot about this weird Spring Training #LOLMets story...

“I guess [Nimmo] cooked some chicken, and didn’t know how to cook or something. He was throwing up all night. We’re going to have to teach him how to cook, so he doesn’t miss any more games.” -Mickey Callaway [Fox]

...but apparently Nimmo has not.

“Man, Mickey really threw me under the bus.” -Brandon Nimmo [Fox]

McNeil is proud that team was able to come back and finally beat the Nats.

“It shows a lot about this team. To get knocked down there, we gave up the lead and to be able to come back in the bottom of the eighth, that was big. We took some big-time ABs that inning. … It shows what this team is made of. That is the kind of baseball we are used to playing.” -Jeff McNeil [MLB]

Cliché game is beyond his years.

“I was seeing the ball well tonight, swinging at the right pitches. I battled all game. Luckily, we came out on top. We had a conversation today about the next man stepping up and having each other’s back. It really showed tonight.” -Brett Baty [MLB]

Buck subtweeting the ‘sticky stuff’ rules.

“You don’t see three hit-by-pitches coming. Our guys are trying to throw it in there. You see a lot of hit-by-pitches, especially when you see cold weather [55 degrees at first pitch]. We can talk about why a lot of that is happening at the rate it is. But I don’t think anybody wants to hear it. That was unforeseen.” -Buck Showalter [MLB]

“I tried. Unfortunately, the ball didn’t go our way during that time. Hitting those first two guys is not something I should be doing. You have to be a little better.” -Tommy Hunter [MLB]

Congratulations to Joey Lucchesi on his return from injury.

“It was sick, man. I think this is my best outing.” -Joey Lucchesi [MLB]

“[Lucchesi] was straight carving.” -Pete Alonso [MLB]

“[Lucchesi was frustrated during the long rehab] and then fast forward to this outing. A lot of emotions. You just have to try to stay patient and wait for that moment, and that moment for me was tonight.” -Joey Lucchesi [MLB]

Unlike Senga who only wants to win half of the time.

“[Peterson’s] a huge competitor. He wants to win every single time he goes out. He’s a bulldog on the mound. I know that he feels terrible about it, and I don’t ever question his want and his will to win. That just happens sometimes. It’s part of playing the game at this level.” -Brandon Nimmo [MLB]

After a letdown series against the Nats, McNeil is ready for the Braves.

“One of the top teams in the division, it’s a big series. It was huge tonight to get this ‘W’. We are starting to swing the bats like we know we can. We are going to use that going into tomorrow. It’s going to be a battle.” -Jeff McNeil [MLB]

Some good news on the injury front.

Mets Tweet of the Week

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

“baseball needs to return to what it used to be, none of this playoff stuff with inferior teams vying for the title; if stupid rules are upheld maybe a new stat should be made for any runs scored or victories and losses and place it under ownership and not the players. Maybe when a runner goes to 2nd at the start of extra innings, all ballplayers should walk off the field.

I will never attend another game at a ballpark and the owners and commissioner can thank themselves for this fact.” -Ah-Hee on the Mets Daily Prospect Report, 4/24/23