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From Complex To Queens, Episode 216: 2023 Predictions!

Steve, Lukas, Ken, and Thomas make some predictions for the 2023 season.

Welcome to From Complex to Queens, our Home Run Applesauce podcast focusing on the Mets’ minor league system.

In honor of the Pimp My Ride PSP that came out on this date in 2007, Steve, Lukas, Ken, and Thomas Promote, Extend, or Trade pimped cars from the MTV hit show.

After, the team gives updates on their Way-Too-Early-Draft-Special player follows.

Following that, they review the first few games of the 2023 season.

Lastly, the guys give three mild, medium, and bold predictions for the upcoming 2023 season. Steve thinks that Kevin Kendall will be a Mets top 25 prospect in 2024, Blade Tidwell will be a national top 50 prospect, and Layonel Ovalles will pitch his way into the Mets top 10. Lukas thinks that Dylan Tebrake moves quickly and pitches in Double-A in 2024, Jett Williams becomes a national top 25 prospect, and Jacob Reimer becomes a national top 100 prospect. Ken thinks that Brett Baty will hit 10 home runs in the MLB in 2024, Kevin Parada becomes the consensus best catcher in the minors, and Blade Tidwell pitches in the big leagues. Thomas thinks that the Mets will have two top five players in the 2023 National League Rookie of the Year votes, Francisco Alvarez will not get a single at-bat in the majors, and the Mets will have 5 players who are considered national top 100 prospects for 2024.

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Until next week, #lovethemets #lovethemets!