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A Pod of Their Own, Episode 157: Remember John Buck

This week, baseball is BACK and we’re here to chat about the Mets’ first series of 2023, the Mets’ rotation outlook with Verlander sidelined, the new minor league CBA, and more.

Welcome back to A Pod of Their Own, an all-women led Home Run Applesauce podcast where we talk all things Mets, social justice issues in baseball, and normalize female voices in the sports podcasting space.

This week, we begin by discussing the Mets’ opening series against the Marlins, in which the rotation looked mostly fine despite Justin Verlander’s absence and the bullpen also looked fine despite Edwin Díaz’s absence.

Next, we talk about the historic first collective bargaining agreement for minor league players and review the highlights contained therein—pay increases, one less year of team control, improvements in housing, and shrinking the size of the Domestic Reserve List (the biggest concession to the league).

This week in cheap owners: John Angelos being cagey on extending his young players and Arte Moreno refusing to pay for the Angels radio broadcast to travel for road games this season.

We finish off our baseball segment by shouting out the fact that there are a record number of female coaches (19) at the professional level in MLB this year, including four in the Mets organization.

Finally, we wrap things up with Walk-off Wins, where each of us talks about what’s making us happy this week, baseball-related or otherwise.

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