Why the Mets lost 10 - 0 to the Brewers

On April 3, 2023, the Mets fell to the Brewers 10-0 for a variety of reasons.

First, Carlos Carrasco, the Mets' opening pitcher, had trouble. In four innings, he gave up five runs, including a grand slam to Brice Turang.

Second, Brewers starter Freddy Peralta neutralized the Mets' offense. In six innings, Peralta gave up just three hits while fanning eight. This is very bad considering that the new rule changes are supposed to make the scores higher.

Third, the Mets made two mistakes that resulted in two runs that weren't deserved. By keeping reliever Hunter in the game longer than necessary, the Mets also inadvertently gave up in the end. Around the fifth inning, Buck Showalter essentially said this to indicate that he had given up.

The Mets simply didn't play a very nice game overall. If they want to win more games this season, they must improve their pitching, defense, and hitting, which was essentially nonexistent.

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