Unpacking the early offense

In the very early going neither the pitching nor batting seem to be performing up to expectations, leading to an uneven overall start. It's clear the pitchers by and large haven't been at their sharpest so far but this quick review will focus on the bats.

It's been my impression early that they've hit into some tough luck at times, with more than their share of hit saving plays made against them. While a team ISO at .138 needs improvement, their collective BABIP of .228 entering the game Saturday April 8 bears out this impression.

Digging a bit further, I quickly compiled WOBA and expected WOBA for each Met to have any PA so far and then computed weighted averages of both figures for the team as a whole. The results are clear that the Mets results haven't matched their statcast expected results for that set of batted balls, K and BB. The overall WOBA of .308 falls well short of the expected .341 with only McNiel and Vogelbach (sadly, in both cases) posting a WOBA over their XWOBA. Victims of note include Escobar (actual .100 vs expected .207), Alonso (actual .399 vs expected .441), Marte (actual .348 vs expected .404) and Nimmo (actual .359 vs expected .404). In short samples Pham also falls short (actual .432 vs expected .509) as does Nido (actual .069 (!) vs expected .170)

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