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Flushing Is Burning, Episode 10: Awfully Close

Do we really have to talk about the Mets this week?


Welcome to Flushing is Burning, the latest addition to the Home Run Applesauce family of podcasts, hosted by Grace Carbone and Christian Romo. Flushing is Burning is a weekly podcast examining the Mets, queer issues, and the occasional intersection of the two.

This week, Grace and Christian talk about a Mets team that looks awfully close to rock bottom, so says Gary Cohen. Can they find a flotation device? Are they still in a pennant chase?

They also recap what is hopefully the end of the Anthony Bass saga in Toronto, as well as share a delightfully simple story out of rookie ball. Anderson Comas, we’re sorry for calling you Alexander!

And finally, Grace and Christian argue about Booksmart. Maybe argue is strong—disagree is a better word.

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