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Flushing Is Burning, Episode 11: The Mets Do Not Lose on Pride Night

Pride Night at Citi Field went off without a hitch. That was not the case for the rest of the league, however. 

Welcome to Flushing is Burning, the latest addition to the Home Run Applesauce family of podcasts, hosted by Grace Carbone and Christian Romo. Flushing is Burning is a weekly podcast examining the Mets, queer issues, and the occasional intersection of the two.

This week, Grace and Christian talk about Pride Night at Citi Field. Grace went! Christian watched on TV! One was a lot more fun than the other!

They also talk about the protests at Dodger Stadium, MLB’s top Catholic Trevor Williams, and some unsurprisingly questionable comments from the commissioner. And finally, Grace makes a perfect pitch for a movie about bondage and comic books. It’s a must-watch.

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