Prospect Pitching Pipeline in Perspective - A Chart

The 2023 Varsity pitching staff has been a massive disappointment. That disappointment is compounded by a seemingly lack of reinforcements down on the farm.

This chart sets aside the current big-league depth and looks at the deeper pipeline. I'll largely let the chart speak for itself but a couple of observations.

  • Things ain't as dire as I expected. Many guys are k-ing 10+ per 9 innings while suppressing hits. Walks on the other hand are a problem for a couple of higher ceiling prospects.
  • Popcorn is popping. The vast majority of the guys on this chart were not part of AA's pre-season Top 25 prospects. Now some of that is because there are only 25 slots but still, it's very encouraging to see so many guys that were not on the radar dramatically outperforming expectations.
  • Development matters more. Where you were drafted, what your bonus was or what your April ERA was just don't matter. The minors are all about improving raw talents. A couple of guys on this chart are doing dramatically better of late than they did earlier in the season. Their overall ERA's may not be shiny, but in some cases that obscures their trend-lines.
  • Trending up. Orellana in June 2.58 ERA, 12h, 2HR, 25/9 k/bb, 21ip. Vasil allowed 6er in his maiden AAA start over 3ip but righted himself in his 2nd. That start is distorting his overall ERA. Tidwell has allowed 3 or fewer runs in 9 of 11 games. Ovalles k-rate has improved since May 1 - 33 k's in 26ip since then so he's very close to joining the 10 k/9ip club. He also has a 1.17 ERA in 15 June innings.
  • Rankee heal thyself. Four ranked hurlers are on the IL. Three are lost for the season while Ziegler might return in 2023. Three more ranked pitchers are performing very nicely, one is middling and three have taken steps backwards.


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