Scouting Prospect Stat Lines Pt. 3! June Boon or Swoon?

This is the third monthly look at in-season metrics for the Pre-Season Top 25 Mets Prospects list created by the erstwhile gang of prospect mavens here at Amazin' Avenue.

Hopefully the new format allows us to better visualize trends over time. Remember, this post only explores the prospects that made AA's pre-season Top 25 list. There are some real encouraging signs from pitchers like Tyler Stuart, Douglass Orellana, Christian Scott, Daniel Juarez, Nate Lavender, Eli Ankeney, Paul Gervase, Dylan Tebrake & Jimmy Loper that are not memorialized here. Elsewhere in the fanpost section you can see a chart that includes their performances through June 22.

Once again, if you value this and would like another one in a month hit the rec button and I'll do my best to rally an update as we enter the dog days of August.

Numbers 1, 2 and 3 (Alvarez, Senga, Baty) are all in Queens so we start with the pre-season #4 prospect in the middle of his first full-season as a pro ...

OAEl8YC.0.pngParada crushed it in June! This is the guy we hoped we drafted. Steve Sypa has commented that the development team has tweaked his setup. If he can sustain his June breakout, I imagine he ought to hit AA sometime after the draft.

Bs0Ic7w.0.pngThat's the roar of Jett engines you're hearing. Another slow-start hitter crushing it in June? Works for me. A June rebound after an ugly May is the kind of recovery/adjustment you love to see from the 19 year-old in full-season ball.

Jw4TvHP.0.pngBlade is blasting it! A sub 1.00 WHIP, his typical killer k-rate and finally showing signs of getting the walk-rate under control. Oh yeah, a 1.35 ERA for the month. Another highly ranked guy improving as the weather has warmed and approaching promotion time. Only threw 98ip in 2021 and 48 in 2022 and is up to 58.2 this year.

U9OA7dS.0.pngWhat's this? A bump? Ramirez had trouble finding base hits but managed to maintain a .340 on-base. If he can hold that through bad months then he's got something going for him. If he can find some power then he's back on the impact track. June wasn't his best month but he's a 20 year-old in High A so if anyone deserves some patience it's Alex.

Qf0AN4r.0.pngI left Vientos off the May update since he was up with the varsity. He'll be back before long. His five xbh's in 9 June AAA games are great but at this point taken for granted. Can he translate the power at the next level? We'll know soon enough. He ought to back in Queens right after the trade-deadline.

6ET3EnM.0.pngThis time a year ago there was one poster claiming we'd be lucky if one GM out there was stupid enough to send us a bag of balls for Mr. Mauricio. He's a great example that different prospects develop on different timelines. Of course, many never develop at all but this is about Ronny. The June slump covers time when he's been given time at 2B and LF which are both new positions for him. It also overlapped an injury stint. The power is back and I'd expect August to be a better month even if it doesn't approach the sky-high levels of April/May. Then again, prospects can be volatile ... B-Ref's starter/reliever splits caught my eye - maybe it's the case for most of these guys, I was too lazy too look.

ibYrVxz.0.pngDominic's June ERA is ugly but the k-rate jumped again so hopefully it's more a matter of commanding the stuff that seems to send his share of batters back to the dugout without putting the ball in play. Except when they do it often clears the wall. I'm bullish on Dominic though one man's bullish is another's b.s. Threw 94ip in 2021 and 119 last season so he's got plenty of runway left.

MW22VG8.0.pngThe most exciting mound development of 2023 earned a promotion to AAA where he's stubbed his toe - or toes. Two of Mr. Vasil's three starts have been "Stinkers" as Keith might say. Hopefully, he'll regain his footing and establish himself as a viable 2024 depth option. Threw 89ip in 201 and 87 last season and is at 60.2 right now.

BGBQQQo.0.pngIt's a tale of two Stanleys. June was lost to injury - was that partly to blame for his horrific May? I guess we'll find out soon.

q6LuEMt.0.pngEasily the quietest prospect having a really strong year, Jacob Reimer just had an absolutely monster, if abbreviated, month. Only 2 June HRs but also only 63 ABs. This is the guy I'm most excited to track in July. 19 in A-ball, those are the kind of guys to dream on... at least until he alarm clock goes off.

eTx4qHk.0.pngJose we hardly knew ye! We're going to need to see more outings like last night's 8 k's in 6ip if we're likely to see him in Queens again soon. Edit: Unless they do a big selloff of either Max/JV + Cookie & Q but do we really want to go there?

T0wCoxF.0.pngLook at that! Another lower ranked guy having an absolutely studly June. Layonell, Jett and Jacob make Lucie worth keeping an eye on.

88m7Zg6.0.pngUggh. Just uggh. I skipped #20 and going to jump out of order for #23 as well in order to group the 3 Amigos currently playing in the FCL. But don't get excited ... in fact, this might be a good time to stop reading though Simon Juan is only 17 ... so my red warning icon is probably way too harsh.




Now back to well ...

cLWiR9J.0.pngOkay ... maybe ... I hope ... but ... the k-rate ... I'll shut-up now.

And last and one of the least ...


The other unlisted Top 25 guys are injury ward MIA's. May Ziegler, Diaz, Allen & Montes de Oca heal and grow strong like bull!

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