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Flushing is Burning, Episode 13: Something to look forward to?

June was terrible for the Mets. But even if July is just as bad, there is still the All-Star Game and trade deadline.

Welcome to Flushing is Burning, the latest addition to the Home Run Applesauce family of podcasts, hosted by Grace Carbone and Christian Romo. Flushing is Burning is a weekly podcast examining the Mets, queer issues, and the occasional intersection of the two.

After one of the worst months in team history, the Mets have positioned themselves as sellers at the trade deadline. What moves can they make? Should they aim to retool for next season or aim for a hard reset?

Editor’s Note: We goofed on timing and forgot All-Star reserves would be announced shortly after recording. So everything we said about Francisco Lindor now applies to Pete Alonso. Thank you for your understanding.

Christian and Grace also discuss the proliferation of Gulf state investment in American sports, MLB team finances, and a baffling Supreme Court decision. Know your rights, people!

Grace also talks about the one movie she watches every Independence Day, and to Christian’s disappointment, it is not Independence Day.

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