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Flushing is Burning, Episode 17: The emotional toll of tanking

Tanking the 2023 season is probably the right move for the Mets, but it still comes at a cost

Welcome to Flushing is Burning, a weekly podcast hosted by Grace Carbone and Christian Romo that examines the Mets, queer issues, and the occasional intersection of the two.

Now that the Mets are playing for 2024 and beyond, Grace and Christian discuss what tanking means for those still invested in the 2023 Mets. And while it’s not a fun discussion, it still leads to thankfulness for those narrating the way through the rest of the season.

They also talk about some Justin Verlander gossip leaked to the New York Post, as well as speculate on which Mets player could have been behind the leak. And while they couldn’t find an easy transition, they also touch on the Wander Franco accusations.

Also, Christian watched Asteroid City! He has some thoughts, and Grace dives into a movie this week that is the complete opposite of Asteroid City.

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