Scouting the Prospects Stat Lines - A Midsummer's Night Dream

I'm a couple of days late on the latest Scouting the Stat Lines update for July performances but remember these are only stat based observations, not true scouting reports. It looks at the AA team's pre-season Top 25 so you won't see any of the newly acquired trade deadline guys or draftees who I don't believe have yet seen game action. Also missing are guys with the big club, those lost for the season to injury and some guys having strong campaigns that I imagine the AA team is eyeing for inclusion next year.

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4. Kevin Parada 22/High A Season July

Parada appears to have consolidated his swing change. While the wRC+ slid a bit in July it was still 11% above average although the July ISO is a bit lacking. He was injured at the end of the month and it's not clear when he'll return. His trend is a little muddled, so assuming he gets back in the lineup August will be an important marker for his 2023. A strong one and he gets promoted, a weak one and 2023 might be marked down as a disappointing season of development.


5. Jett Williams 19/79g lowA/2g High A Season July

Jett has been tearing it up and just got a well-earned promotion. The only wrinkle is that the July k% was 24% but overall he's just an on-base monster with the kind of burners you can dream on. Exciting player having an exciting season. Trending up, up and away.


6. Blade Tidwell 22/High A Season July

A second consecutive superb run prevention month with an ever improving walk-rate. While the k-rate has also dropped it's still over 10/9ip in July. Trending up.


7. Alex Ramirez 20/High A Season ⚠️ July

His 102 wRC+ in July is his best month of the season. It's not great but he's very young for the league. He's now had two decent months and two weak months. His weak months predictably featured high k%'s but oddly extremely high bb% as well. His two better months conversely saw lower walk rates coupled with really low k-rates. Correlation does not necessarily = causality but it's at least worth asking if in fighting so hard to take walks that he became overly passive .... Trend is muddled. August will be a really important month.


9. Ronny Mauricio 22/AAA Season July ⚠️

Ronny has played a ton of baseball over the past 16 months, he tore up the Dominican Winter League but that left him with little time to simply rest. Is it catching up with him? I hope it was some fatigue that he fights through because the last two months are problematic. He's gone 2-10 in his first two August outings with 5 strikeouts. This is a hugely important month for Ronny. Hopefully he regains his footing and gets a September call-up that lets him get no more than 130 AB's in the bigs so he'll still be eligible for Rookie of the Year in 2024 which would net the Mets an extra high draft pick. Trend is caution.


10. Dominic Hamel 24/AA Season ⚠️ July

Is Dom back? Strong April run-prevention, terrible at it in June/July but back to a 3.38 ERA in July. 11.9-3.7 k/bb-9ip plays and 70 hits in 78 innings works but while July featured a strong ERA his walks were 4.2-ip. Hard to see much in the way of trends on Dom. Another guy who has something at stake in August.


13. Stanley Consuegra 22/High A Season ⚠️ July ⚠️

Stanley was injured for most of June and got back into the swing in July during which he posted a 92 wRC+. At the risk of sounding like a broken record this is another guy whose trend is caution for whom August is looking like a telling indicator.


12. Mike Vasil 23/51ip AA - 31ip AAA SeasonJuly ⚠️

Two months in a row of 4+ bb-9ip takes some of the shine off of Vasil's breakout season though some of that is part of his transition to AAA. Let's hope August sees him make that adjustment.


14. Jacob Reimer 19/75g LowA/2g High A Season ✅ July ✅

In the 8/2 game underway as I write this Jacob has hit his first post-promotion HR along with a double on the heels of a July with more walks than strikeouts to go with a .917 ops. The Williams-Reimer tandem jump to Brooklyn is off to a really nice start. Trending way up.


17. Jose Butto 25/AAA Season July

Bad year. Searching for any glimmer of hope I guess there's that his July k-9ip was over 10 for the first time all season while for the first time his walk rate snuck under 5 ... It seems like that Jose will be either be moved to the bullpen or out of the organization.


18. Layonel Ovalles 20/Low A Season July

That shiny June ERA of 1.77 is but a distant memory. Having identical k and bb's per 9ip of 5.9 for July land you in 7.04 ERA-ville. June is looking like the outlier rather than the baseline. But ... he's only 20 and pithing in full season ball where lumps typically come with the barbecue.


20. Jesus Baez 18/Rookie Season ⚠️ July

Baez followed up a rough 67 wRC+ in June with a decent 106 mark albeit in only 55 July PAs. The 12 bb% vs. 19 k% and .208 ISO last month are a strong foundation to hopefully build a strong push for the next two months.


21. Junior Santos 22/AA Season July

Has his ERA actually increased each month after starting at 5.59? Yes it has. Next!


22. Willy Fanas 19/Rookie Season ⚠️ July

Jumping from 68 wRC+ in June to 110 in July is good Following up a 29k% to a 20k%, not so much. Another guy for whom August could establish a better send of trend.


23. Eric Orze 25/AAA Season July

More of the same for the pitchers that came into the season on the back-end of the AA Top 25 list, nothing but ugly. At least Orze is a reliever. Luckily other pitchers in the system are having surprisingly strong seasons that soften the blow of these guys.


24. Simon Juan 18/Rookie Season July

Oh Simon .... Oh Juan .... Oh Simon Juan. So far it's no boom, all bust. He's only 18 so no need to write him off yet but his really rough start to 2023 definitively puts him in the trending down zone.


25. William Lugo 21/High A Season ⚠️ July

His k% has gone from 32% in May to 23% in June and all the way down to 14% in July during which his wRC+ jumped to 108. This is a nice trend. Still has a chance to salvage a productive season. If he doesn't then I wouldn't expect you'll see him on a list like this any time soon.


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