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Flushing is Burning, Episode 19: Okay so but like how does this affect the Mets?

Everyone’s offseason plans now look different after Shohei Ohtani’s injury

Shohei Ohtani torched the Mets only days after finding out he suffered a torn UCL. That isn’t really a Mets story, except maybe it kinda is? And while it’s a little gross to ask, do the Mets benefit at all from Ohtani’s career-changing injury?

Grace and Christian also discuss Kodai Senga and José Quintana as the not-bad one-two punch for the Mets’ pitching staff. Is this a top-of-the-rotation that Mets fans can be excited about for 2024?

They also praise the Mets for announcing number retirement ceremonies for Darryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden, both long overdue and well-deserved for two franchise legends. And speaking of legendary, Grace discusses what she believes to be George Lucas’s finest movie.

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