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The Mets are pesky, but not victorious

A late comeback is immediately invalidated in a 4-3 loss to Miami.

MLB: New York Mets at Miami Marlins Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports

In the Mets’ current quest to be the 2023 Marlins’ version of what the 2007/2008 Marlins were to the Mets, they came close with a two-run comeback in the ninth inning, but almost immediately lost the 4-3 game.

Coming off of seven innings of one-run ball against the Diamondbacks his last time out, Joey Lucchesi was a bit less effective this time, giving up three runs in 5.2 innings pitched and trying to throw to an invisible man along the way.

Other than the run scored on the Lucchesi error, Josh Bell hit an RBI double in the third and Garrett Hampson drove one in on a single in the 6th, which all things considered isn’t a total battering.

For the Mets, Francisco Lindor singled home a run in the third inning to give the team a 1-0 lead, but for the first time on the night, it was gone the next half inning. The team would stay pacified all the way until their last time up, springing to life once again against their new punching bag Tanner Scott.

Jeff McNeil doubled and Mark Vientos singled followed by a pair of grounders to bring the Mets within an out of a loss and having to forfeit their title of Professional Spoilers. On the second pitch he saw, Brandon Nimmo laced a double off the wall in center field, scoring both runs and cranking the team’s Pesk-o-meter up to critical levels. Ultimately, they wouldn’t score again and the ball was handed to Trevor Gott to close things out.

The first three batters Gott faced were hit with a pitch, out on a sac bunt, and intentionally walked, setting up an unenviable first-and-second situation with one out. The one out became two on a Yuli Gurriel grounder, but the beefy Jake Burger was simply too much for Gott’s Mets to overcome. Burger hit a single to the last half inning’s hero Brandon Nimmo and walked off the Mets, handing the failed spoilers a 4-3 loss.

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What’s WPA?

Big Mets winner: Brandon Nimmo, +66.9% WPA
Big Mets loser: Trevor Gott, -43.5% WPA
Mets pitchers: - -31.1% WPA
Mets hitters: -10.4% WPA
Teh aw3s0mest play: Brandon Nimmo’s go-ahead double in the ninth, +35% WPA
Teh sux0rest play: Jake Burger’s walkoff single, -36.4% WPA