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Flushing is Burning, Episode 21: TTFN, LFGM

Christian has an announcement as the show moves in a new direction

Christian got a new job! And it’s a really cool one! But unfortunately, that means that his involvement with Flushing Is Burning must come to an indefinite halt.

But that doesn’t mean the show is over! Christian and Grace finish their last show together this year talking about fandom, the responsibilities of an impartial sports media, and supporting teams thousands of miles away from where they live. It’s not all about the Mets, but then again, it is always about the Mets, isn’t it?

Grace will continue the podcast as a solo host next week as the show evolves in a new direction. Follow us on Twitter/X @FIBPod, on Instagram @FlushingIsBurningPod, and email us at

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