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Flushing is Burning Episode 22: We’re (I’m) Back

The show is back to talk the last two weeks in baseball.

It’s been so long since we’ve talked Mets, they got a new POBO! Grace, in her first solo show, discusses David Stearns’ hiring, potential moves he could make, and the expectations fans should have/temper. Then, a little 2023 Mets discussion, but how much is there really to say at this point?

Then, Grace goes over all the general baseball news the show missed! The Padres have internal beef! Where does it start, where does it end, who’s responsible and for how much? The Angels have drama with all their star players and are on track to have a franchise-defining offseason. And there’s a serious discussion of Julio Urias and the privilege of a major league career not being a right for those who commit crimes.

Finally, a brief Mike Trout trade thought discussion, and Grace’s movie minute that really burns down the house (wink wink).

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