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Flushing is Burning, Episode 20: No movement

The Mets keep winning baseball games and losing baseball games in an unhelpful ratio

One month ago, the Mets were seven games out of a Wild Card spot and executed baseball’s biggest firesale with the supposed intention of tanking the season. And now, the Mets are still seven games out of a Wild Card spot. Is this the worst possible scenario?

And because the Mets news isn’t all that interesting nowadays, Grace dedicates a segment to the streaking New York Liberty, who are vying for the top seed in the WNBA playoffs. Will the Libs deliver New York its first WNBA title? What sort of impact has seafoam green had on New York’s basketball scene? Is this going to become a basketball podcast?

And finally, Grace and Christian discuss MLB rule changes impacting the playoffs and a truly wild movie sweeping the nation.

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