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Flushing is Burning: The Grand Return

After a long, unexpected absence, the show is back with lots to discuss.

Flushing is Burning is back! Grace begins with an apology/explanation for her absence, then dives right into a speedrun of a month’s worth of free agency headlines. Soto! Ohtani! Royals! Giants! Glasnow! Yamamoto! Sale! It’s a lot.

Then, she dives into the month in Mets free agency news, another speed run of sorts but with less flashy moves. She also discusses her love for the Bader and Manaea moves, and generally has detached herself from any strong emotions (a month of distance will do that).

Finally, she dedicates the final segment to a discussion of the Golden Globes, and gives her good moments and bad from the show. She also talks about the upcoming Oscar nominations, and dedicates her movie minute recommendation to a movie that’s in the thick of this awards season.

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