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From Complex To Queens, Episode 259: Why are we ranking this guy here again?

A lively discussion of perhaps the most controversial portion of the offseason top-25.

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Welcome to From Complex to Queens, Home Run Applesauce’s podcast focusing on the Mets’ minor league system.

We spare Ken a dive into video games this week, instead talking about different varieties of Chinese food. A real trio of gourmets.

On to business. We have a very exciting group of prospects to talk through as we continue to work through this year’s Top-25; Joander Suarez (21), Stanley Consuegra (20), Colin Houck (19), Matt Rudick (18), and Alex Ramirez (17). A lot of controversial ideas to bounce around among this group. Even though this might not be the most talented segment of the farm, it might be the most interesting to talk about.

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Until next week, #lovethemets #lovethemets!