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Mets announce international free agent signings

The Mets’ class is headlined by the top catcher in the 2024 class.

Washington Nationals v New York Mets Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Mets have announced the signing of their class of amateur players as this year’s international signing period opens up. Most of these players have agreed to sign several years in advance, but deals cannot be announced until the first January 15 after which a player turns 16.

The class is highlighted by Yovanny Rodriguez, a Venezuelan catcher widely seen as the top player at this position this year. His defense is well regarded, and scouts have also noticed sound strike-zone judgement and good barrel control, with the frame to develop more power as he ages.

Beyond Rodriguez, the Mets added two other high-level prospects in Edward Lantigua and Yensi Rivas, both out of the Domincian Republic. Lantigua is your prototypical IFA outfield prospect; tall, athletic, room to grow, fast with the chance to stick in center, and with a burgeoning power projection. He’s performed well against live pitching to date, though at this date such reports are difficult to judge. Rivas is a switch hitting shortstop with a good approach, strong bat to ball skills, and solid defensive chops. What he lacks in high-end athletic projection and power he makes up for in polish; he reads a lot like a middle infield prospect the Guardians would have loved to sign.

Beyond the top-level names, the Mets also added another Guerrero, this time inking Vladimir Miguel Gurerrero. The son of one-time almost-Met Vlad Guerrero Sr. and the half brother of Blue Jays first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr., “Vladi” has more name value than prospect pedigree at this juncture. For pure name entertainment, the Mets also added Maxgregori Harvey (happy Harvey day) and Diover De Aza (gotta get De Aza going) as part of the tail-end of their signing class.

A complete list of players - along with their rankings from Baseball America (which is based purely on bonus amount), MLB Pipeline, and Fangraphs - can be found below:

  • Yovanny Rodriguez, C, Venezuela (BA: 5, MLB: 6, FG: 17)
  • Edward Lantigua, SS, Dominican Republic (BA: 40, MLB: 41, FG: 44)
  • Yensi Rivas, SS, Dominican Republic (BA: 77, MLB: 31)
  • Leandy Mella, SS, Dominican Republic
  • Bohan Adderley, SS/CF, Bahamas
  • Anthony Delgado, OF, Dominican Republic
  • Adolfo Miranda, OF, Cuba
  • Vladi Miguel Guerrero, OF, Dominican Republic
  • Luis Montero, LHP, Dominican Republic
  • Maxgregori Harvey, RHP, Dominican Republic
  • Angel De La Rosa, LHP Dominican Republic
  • Leyvi Rodriguez, RHP, Dominican Republic
  • Fidel Pinango, IF/OF, Venezuela
  • Jonnhan Sanchez, OF, Venezuela
  • Josmir Reyes, C, Venezuela
  • Leiner Ramirez, IF, Colombia
  • Rocky Solano, OF, Dominican Republic
  • Starling Fernandez, IF, Dominican Republic
  • Roybert Herrera, IF/OF, Venezuela
  • Diover De Aza, IF, Dominican Republic
  • Franklin Candelario, OF, Dominican Republic